Chakat Blackspots (kusanagi_sama) wrote in furryfiesta,
Chakat Blackspots

You got Competition

Apparently, because someone who lives in San Antonio doesn't want to drive to Addison for Furry Fiesta, wants to start up a con in San Antonio. Been talking with this guy named Melacar Halsey on Second Life. I had no idea why he wanted to run it by me. Don't even know him. I was trying to discourage him from doing it, telling him to wait until Furry Fiesta gets 3000 attendees and is stable before you decide to make your own con (he would have to wait another 6-7 years).

What do you guys think of this?

1st update
Oh, here's his journal. Apparently I never noticed the journal last night when he linked it in his IM to me:

2nd update:
Ok, he posted a new journal:
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