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2013 Conbook Art Contest

Can you draw? Do you want to see your work in print, and get a chance to attend the Time Travelers’ Ball for free? Well, look no further, because we have some information that might just be of interest to you! We are holding our 2013 Conbook art contest, and the winner will get free attendance to 2013!

1. Send all art to
2. Submitted art must meet specifications. These are:

- Black & White, or Greyscale
- 300 DPI (or greater).
- JPG, PNG, GIF, or other common file formats.
- Must NOT contain copyrighted characters which yourself or D.R.A.M.A. do not hold the copyrights for.
- We encourage the use jackelopes, and especially the use of our mascots Jack, April, and the Jackafluffies.

3. Art must be received by end-of-day (11:59pm) on November 30th.
4. By submitting this art, you agree to allow Furry Fiesta use this art in our Conbook, advertising, or other use to help promote the Convention.

Winner will be selected by the Staff and announced in early December. The winner will have the option to use the attendance for 2013, or if they have already paid for registration for 2013, defer it to 2014.

Our Mascots:

The Jackafluffies:

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